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Where I Like To Post Videos:

My YouTube Channel is "Divine Friend" 

My Patreon is

This is a way to connect with me one-on-one.  I also share my ongoing journey of what I am doing to be a law of attraction success story.  Sometimes I do remote group crystal reiki sessions.  I do post unlisted readings here too that are not on my YouTube channel.

My Ecwid online store is where you can purchase video oracle card readings from me.

The readings that I post on my YouTube channel are basically how I read for people in private too.  I am healer and spiritual teacher so a lot of the messages that come through have a life coaching feel to them.  It's about letting a Source transmission come through the energy of the reading.  The reading is just the vehicle for the energy shift to create an activation.

Blue Butterfly
Tropical Leaves 7

What's the point of this website then?

Oriental Lotus

The point of this website is that I am in the process of creating online courses here.  Maybe even some certification courses too.  I've had people ask me to make a tarot course where I go over all the cards.  

My definition of a course is that I record myself sharing insights and techniques that work for me.  From prosperity consciousness to the law of attraction we can share the journey together and achieve better-than-expected results.

I've learned that goal-setting is essential to transformation and that the bigger the dream the greater the expansion.  I have been collecting information to turn into courses so as of right now 4/11/23 I don't have anything available but it's a goal of mine to create some courses this year.11


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