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Hello Lightworkers,


I am Jackie G and I am a Law of Attraction life coach, Reiki Master healer,  intuitive oracle & tarot reader, and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (ETF/TFT).  I like to post videos on my Youtube Channel "Divine Friend" of the angel, tarot, and oracle decks that I have collected.

I tend to attract people who have been through many kinds of emotional, mental, and survival challenges throughout their lives,  They are the old souls who have learned how to take what they have and make it work.  They are the people who will seek out the information that they need in order to figure out how to "self-help" themselves through a problem.  

The people I attract are people who want to guide themselves.  So I took my training and tossed it to the side when I saw that what the people wanted from me was someone who could be a spiritual friend.  I became someone who could hold space for them when they were wobbling without taking over the lesson.  I am someone who can pull some cards and see what they say And who can take ten minutes to dial back the fearful survival mind and affirm soothing words that can help us to breathe.

Lightworker Coach?

As I've said before the people who are drawn to me are the ones who have learned how to figure out what they need to figure out by themselves and with the variety of free tools that are out there.  They will absorb all the free content and resist taking the courses or buying the products HOWEVER they will give donations to the spiritual teachers and people who have helped to make their challenge a little bit lighter.

So I just put my videos and blogs out there and I have a Patreon space where people can connect with me on a more personal and one-on-one level if they feel guided to. On Patreon, I post more of the daily 15-minute angel card videos that people can tap into on a more regular basis.  I also share more of what is happening in my own life and what has been helping me to deal with whatever my own issues are.  If people want personal readings or coaching then connecting with me through Patreon is the place to go.


What's the point of this website then?

The point of this website is that I can create reasonably priced online courses here.  Maybe even some certification courses too.  I've had people ask me to make a tarot course where I go over all the cards.  That would be like an 80-video course! 

My definition of a course is that I record myself sharing my insights, and techniques that work for me, and share the journey.  From prosperity consciousness to law of attraction to listening to subliminal reprogramming audios and documenting how that helps me deal with my daily panic and fear, I hope that we can share the journey together and achieve better-than-expected results.

I've learned that goal-setting is essential to transformation and that the bigger the dream the greater the expansion.