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Here is the link to my Patreon community.

You can sign up for as low as $5.55 a month.

Hello Lightworkers,


I am Jackie G and I am:


1.  A Law of Attraction/Manifestation Life Coach

2.  Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner

3.  Intuitive oracle/ tarot reader

4.  Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (ETF/TFT)


Where I Like To Post Videos or Blogs:

My Youtube Channel is "Divine Friend" 

My Patreon is

If you sign up as a patron you are invited to connect with me through an app that you can put on your mobile or tablet device.

This requires a phone number and when you subscribe I'll send you a message for your phone number.  Then'll send you an invite.  This is a good way for us to connect one-on-one.  I like to give random card readings to people and Marco Polo makes it easy for me.

I tend to attract people who are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual survivors.  They have learned how to take what they have and make it work.  They are the people who will seek out the information that they need in order to figure out how to "self-help" themselves through a problem.  

The people I attract guide themselves.  I became a coach who shared manifestation techniques that worked for me and I became transparent about my own spiritual growth journey.  I share this part of me in my Patreon group.  I also like to direct people to mentors and coaches whose content has personally helped me.  There's an abundance of great quality free content out there.  The people who are attracted to me know that.


I am someone who can pull some cards and give you a boost of positive energy when you find yourself in need of some condensed light force.


What's the point of this website then?


The point of this website is that I can create reasonably priced online courses here.  Maybe even some certification courses too.  I've had people ask me to make a tarot course where I go over all the cards.  

My definition of a course is that I record myself sharing my insights, and techniques that work for me, and share the journey.  From prosperity consciousness to the law of attraction we can share the journey together and achieve better-than-expected results.

I've learned that goal-setting is essential to transformation and that the bigger the dream the greater the expansion.  I have been collecting information to turn into courses so as of right now 1/22/23 I don't have anything available but it's a goal of mine to create some courses this year.


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