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Where I Like To Post Videos:

My YouTube Channel is "Divine Friend" 

Image by Europeana
Flamingo 1

This is where Jackie G offers group karma clearing reiki sessions each month and weekly energy readings.  This is also the best way to communicate with Jackie for one-on-one readings and reiki sessions.

You can order recorded karma clearing reiki sessions and oracle readings here.  

What's the point of this website then?


The point of this website is that I can create online courses and spiritual classes here.  

My definition of a course is that I record myself sharing insights and techniques that work for me.  From prosperity consciousness to the law of attraction we can share the journey together and achieve better-than-expected results.

I have the ability to create online groups here however when I had that function available it was bots that were spamming so I turned it off.
I have also been guided to use the blog here as a way to write letters to the lightworker collective.


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