Hello Lightworkers,


I am Jackie G and I am a law of attraction life coach, Reiki Master healer,  intuitive oracle & tarot reader, and my current goals (as of June 2022) are to create and self-publish oracle card decks, cute coloring therapy books with positive messages, notebook journals, and to learn how to create orgone pyramids and jewelry.

According to Dolores Cannon, there are three generational waves of spiritual beings incarnate as human beings in the world; and the second wavers are people who are wired to raise the vibration and energy of the environment they are in.  They have a knack for transmuting lower energy but because humanity is so disappointing in general 2nd wavers tend to isolate instead of going out and being in the masses.  I identify as a 2nd wave person and I have made a conscious decision to stop being a loner and do my best to go out to public places now.

What is a Divine Friend Coach?

I call myself a Divine Friend Coach because I have always thought of my spiritual teachers and mentors as my Divine Friends.  They are the ones whose Youtube channels have been a daily source of healing and upliftment, their books were the ones that I would read when I needed answers about my life, and their courses helped me to make the changes that I needed to make in order to grow into a better human being.  I want to change the world by leaving it a better place than when I found it and even if we never meet in person I hope that my content that be a source of healing, comfort, and insight for you too.


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My Services

The intention of the readings here is to give a boost of positive energy so that soothing activation can happen.   I like to do 3-5 card readings and I leave it to you to choose which deck you feel drawn to.

Patreon is for the people who feel guided to have more of a one-on-one direct connection with me for messaging and for those who are interested in what I am doing in my own personal life as far as my own hobbies and personal growth is evolving.  It's pretty much the only place where I can be contacted directly.


What's the point of this website then?

The point of this website is that I can create reasonably priced online courses here.  Maybe even some certification courses too.

My definition of a course is that I record myself sharing my insights, and techniques that work for me, and share the journey.  From prosperity consciousness to the law of attraction to listening to subliminal reprogramming audios and documenting how that helps me deal with my daily panic and fear, I hope that we can share the journey together and achieve better than expected results.

I've learned that goal-setting is essential to transformation and that the bigger the dream the greater the expansion.  



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