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About Jackie G:

While Rhonda Byrne was creating The Secret she would have a team meeting every day at 11:00 and they would affirm, "Joy To Millions."  I've made the intention of my life purpose to be: "Love To All!  Joy To Millions" because love heals everything and joy is fun. 


I am a law of attraction success story and that is why I am a law of attraction life coach.  I am also an energy healer practitioner using Reiki, Law of Attraction techniques, and crystals.

I created a Patreon site where people can sign up for a monthly membership and have more one-on-one connections with me.  It is at the Patreon site where I do the most individual readings for people, reiki sessions, spiritual teachings, and sharing of my journey.

Some of my training includes certification in:

Angel Therapy Practitioner/Reader

Tarot Reading

Intuitive Channeled Energy Reading

Law of Attraction Life Coach

Shamanic Life Coach

Forgiveness Life Coach

Mindset Coach

Inner Child Life Coach

Reiki Master Teacher

Medicine Buddha Level 1 Practitioner (vows with His Holiness The Dalai Lama)

Past Life Reading

Emotional Freedom Technique

My daily spiritual learning includes teachings from:

Joseph Murphy

Rhonda Byrne

Neville Goddard

Catherine Ponder

Louise Hay

Florence Scovel Shinn

Sanaya Roman/Channel for Orin

Esther Hicks/Channel for Abraham

Bob Proctor

Tim Whild/Diana Cooper activations

Matias de Stafano

Brad Yates (EFT Master)

Nick Breau (Law of Attraction/Abraham Hicks Master Teacher)


Daily Spiritual Practices:

Subconscious Healing With Affirmations

Working with the elements to clear subconscious patterns.

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