Since I used the Home Page to talk about why I have this website I thought that I would condense some of that here and list some of my training and certifications.

About Jackie G:

I have a dream of being someone who can help the world be a better place.

I created a Patreon site where people can sign up for a monthly membership and have more one-on-one connections with me.  It is at the Patreon site where I do the most individual readings for people, reiki sessions, spiritual teachings, and sharing of my journey.

I prefer to do collective spiritual readings and activation meditations.

Some of my training includes certification in:

Angel Therapy Reading

Tarot Reading

Intuitive Channeled Energy Reading

Law of Attraction Life Coach

Shamanic Life Coach

Forgiveness Life Coach

Mindset Coach

Inner Child Life Coach

Reiki Master Teacher

Medicine Buddha Level 1 Practitioner (vows with His Holiness The Dalai Lama)

Past Life Reading

My daily spiritual learning includes teachings from:

Neville Goddard

Catherine Ponder

Louise Hay

Florence Scovel Shinn

Sanaya Roman/Channel for Orin

Esther Hicks/Channel for Abraham

Bob Proctor

Tim Whild/Diana Cooper activations

Matias de Stafano

Daily Spiritual Practices:

Subconscious Healing With Affirmations with Rockstar Subliminals on Youtube

Working with the elements to clear subconscious patterns.