$7.77 Tarot, Angel, and Oracle Card Messages

Why do I charge $7.77 for a basic reading?

The short answer is that there is a spiritual teacher that I have followed my whole life, Sanaya Roman who channeled Orin, and they have $7 lightworker meditations on their website.

Sanaya Roman, who was the channel for Orin up until she passed away in December 2021, published six books filled with energy working information that she channeled from Orin.  Those books were the very first new age lightworker books that I read when I was a teenager and they are the foundation of my spiritual path.   Unlike other spiritual teachers who capitalize on their global platforms, Sanaya Roman simply had the published books and a monthly newsletter.  She kept it all about Orin's teachings and it's pretty rare to even see her in an interview.  She never let herself as the Messenger overshadow The Work.  The website www.OrinDaben.com is where she put all of Orin's courses, meditations, and community forums.  Orin's manifesting method has always been about synching with Divine Will and letting the people who resonate with the teachings find them.  Through Orin's website, you can get amazingly advanced lightworker meditations for clearing and soul activation for as low as $7. 

For someone like me who went through periods of being so broke, being in depression and dark nights of the soul, looking for a spiritual answer to the challenges I was learning to handle, I really appreciated the $7 meditations because they felt affordable and they really did help me to lift up out of the darkness.  As I learned how to invest in self-care I would be guided to look at Orin's other courses that were around $50+.  I slowly started buying courses and it is my goal to one day be an actual Light Body Teacher and to have taken every single course that was created by Orin and DaBen. 


I use the deck from the reading that you picked and whatever decks I am guided to add on.  I always include a major and minor tarot card to show what life lesson is being activated.  I will do my best to keep it down to around 10-15 minutes.  I usually record the messages from my iPhone so I am not aiming for a really great visual clip but rather a way for you to see the cards and hear my voice.  Most of the time you will receive a private link to the video which I upload from my Youtube channel, Divine Friend. 


You can share whatever it is you are dealing with because sometimes it's good to get things off your chest.  I am a Reiki Master and have been "mastered" in a few different reiki systems so sometimes I may offer energy clearing suggestions.  I am also an ascension teacher and I will quote different spiritual teachers if their teachings are guided into the reading.

If you are interested in this service then:
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Pick out what reading you would like.
I use a simple 3-5 card spread that I learned in Angel Therapy training courses. 
They are meant to be uplifting and empowering.