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Jackie G's Patreon:

 The vision is this is a safe space for lightworkers and people who are into enlightenment, spiritual journeys, ascension, law of attraction, inner healing, making big goals and getting results, and a sense of community.  It's also supposed to be a private place where people can have more of a one-on-one connection with me. 

Back 25 years ago I was part of the angel therapy community and I like to do angel therapy readings there too.

If you sign up as a patron you are invited to connect with me through an app that you can put on your mobile or tablet device called Marco Polo.  Marco Polo is a visual communication app where you can leave video messages for people and they can reply in their own time. 

This requires a phone number and when you subscribe I'll send you a message for your phone number.  Then'll send you an invite.  This is a good way for us to connect one-on-one.  I like to give random card readings to people and Marco Polo makes it easy for me.

If you feel called to be part of this community the link is here:

Jackie G's Patreon

YouTube Channel:

My YT channel is Divine Friend and I post spiritual law of attraction kinds and angel tarot card message videos.

Paypal Donations:

Sometimes I come across people who are just really doing a great job being good humans and good spiritual beings and I get inspired to give a donation.  If you ever feel that way about me you can find my Paypal link here:

Jackie G's Paypal


Original Blogger Site:

This is the original blog that I have had running for like 19 years.  I've deleted everything multiple times over the years but it always seems to basically be oracle card posts.  I like this one the best to be honest.


Blogger blog

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