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12/22/21 Intuitive Hit: Gucci Bloom perfume.

This morning, after waking up at like 2AM and listening to a Neville Goddard audiobook, and then falling back to sleep at like 7AM and then waking up at 8AM.... I woke up with the thought that I should look for a small spray bottle of real Gucci perfume.

It told me that one of the things I would do once I manifested big wealth into my life was that I would start wearing Gucci perfume. I was like, "Yes that sounds like me." Gucci perfume would be my way of holding the Gucci vibration on my physical body and really letting it in that I had "rich vibes".

I did a quick Google search and it turned out that the Alta Store in my town had Gucci perfume sprays that started at $35 and I bought two so that I could have one in my purse and I could give one to my daughter because she has always wanted something that was Gucci.

Before today I had always thought that I would have to be "rich" or "debt free" in order to splurge on something in a Gucci store. I never thought about travel sized perfumes. So today I bought the Gucci vibration and later in the day when my self esteem started to dip I would smell my wrist and it would remind me that I had real Gucci vibes in my life and on my body.

We will see how this changes things tomorrow........

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