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Aries: Symbol of the day: "Ex"

EX: Reunite with a lost aspect of your soul.

Ex means without or excluding

and the message on the card is about reuniting with what has been lost. It's hard to go through life and not lose yourself in some stupid situation, dysfunctional bullshit family dynamics, and lifelong dreams that never seem to come true.

In this card the "ex factor" has to do with a relationship that is still being processed on the subconscious level even though it may have ended a long time ago. Personally, as I write this I have been dealing with some intense mother issues and even though my mother is still in my physical life, energetically we seem very much divorced from each other. I find my anger and pain at her narcissistic sociopathic behavior popping up every single day. I started taking CBD gummies everyday just to deal with the daily intensity of emotional triggering. I'm bringing this up because sometimes people can be in your life and it's dead on an emotional and mental level. And sometimes a person can be out of your life and it's like you feel them every day.

Okay lets get psychic:

The injustice that this EX brought to your life helped you to tap into the Healer energy that is part of your life purpose. You have a natural ability to heal others because you learned how to heal yourself. The healing process has been long though. Like super long. Like decades to heal the same wound. This would has been with you for so long that it almost seems like it began in some other past life. All I know is that when you finally move forward from a caterpillar to a butterfly you won't ever have to worry about recreating the past again. It's like someone who has struggled with weight issues their whole life and then after 50 years of diets they finally get the weight off and they live the rest of their days at their target weight and the pain of being in their body becomes a joy.

Your biggest transformation will be around dropping the defensiveness and the need to defend who you are and why you are the way you are. Some people defend their victimhood because the injustice makes it justified to be an angry, lost, fragmented, unsuccessful, piece of shit empathic person who can't handle the full moon energy. Someone may call you out on this. All I can say is don't shoot the messenger just because the message is something you don't want to deal with.

Card from Dream Oracle Cards by Kelly Sullivan Walden

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