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Angels are watching over you ❤️

I love this card because I was feeling the way the woman looks for over a year with regards to many areas in my life but specifically with this website because about a year ago I messed around and did something to the template that made it impossible to add any content. The whole point of getting this site about 3 years ago was to have an internet space where I could write! And then something happened and I guess I blocked myself from being able to use this space in a creative way. So every once in a while I would log in and then feel failure and defeat and I would log out and avoid it. I had prepaid for the year though so even when I decided to just delete this site it said that I would have to wait until March 2024.

In my daily inner work, about 6 months ago, I started incorporating subliminal reprogramming audios into my daily meditation time. There is a YouTube channel called Vortex Success and they do the most outstanding job with their videos/audios and they seem to navigate to the all the inner issues that I feel I am blocked with. I knew that listening to the different subliminals everyday would shift something eventually. For months and months I was waiting for the inner change to reach my outer world.

Then today I sat down at the computer, logged in again, looked at my site and felt sad about it, and then a thought came into my head saying, "I know I can fix this." It kept repeating and so I decided that if I believed it then I would be looking for ways to somehow undo what I had done. I found my hands clicking on tabs and all of a sudden I unexpectedly came across something that said, "Reset back to old site." I clicked on it and it took me back to every time I had ever updated my site over the last 3-4 years. I now had the ability to reset the current messed-up unwanted site that I couldn't even work on to an earlier version that wasn't blocked! And in the blink of an eye the messed-up version was deleted and the older version that wasn't blocked was up and running!

And now I can start over again with this site! Now I can try again and not make the same mistakes that I had made before. It's like a Mercury Retrograde moment at it's finest. It's like a cosmic redo! It's like a second chance to finally get it right. It's like a blank slate and the mistakes that were blocking me were wiped off. It's like I can move again when I had been stuck and stagnant for so very long.

One my YouTube channel and my Patreon site I had stopped creating content. In the past the spiritual messages would pour out of me. But then it was like the channeling stopped. And now I can see that it was because I hadn't been able to write! I hadn't been able to blog! I think the channeling comes through easier and faster when I am writing and then what happens is once the Divine Message Flow starts it keeps flowing and then I would go and make videos because of the momentum. Now I see that I need to write! I don't even know who I need to write too but if you are reading this and you have been feeling like the lady in the card....please hang in there and please don't give up.

The lady in the card has crumpled up papers around her and books stacked and her laptop opened. Maybe she's having writer's block, or doing bills and getting stressed out, or trying to figure out how to focus and concentrate and tap into the Higher Self version of herself so that she can feel like the answers are coming to her. Even when we feel blocked it doesn't mean that our angels have abandoned us. I would say that it's human to feel abandoned by the spiritual sources that we expect to help us but at the same time I also say that it's a choice to feel what you feel.

Looking back I can see now that the thought that dropped into my mind, "I know I can fix this," was an angel thought. It was my angels looking at the situation and they were saying to me, "I know I can fix this." I know this was their thought because for the past year (or maybe even longer) I had been thinking, "What the heck did I do! Why am I stuck?" I was able to know that their thought wasn't my thought. And then I was able to see why I had been stuck in heart and soul, it's because I couldn't write anymore. I am meant to write! That's the key for me. Writing.

So whatever the key is for you.....your angels know how to fix it if you have been feeling blocked, stuck, sad, and deflated about your life purpose and your life. And they will help you to fix whatever needs to be fixed. I don't know why it took me like 1-2 years to suddenly be able to have them come through my hands and tap on whatever needed to be tapped on in order to be able to type again. I do know that the subliminal audio videos have been helping me on a subconscious subliminal levels. They help me to get out of my own way. So maybe you can check out Vortex Success on YouTube or maybe just continue to do the daily inner healing work that you have been doing and stay confident that it's all leading you to the moment when you will go from stuck and stagnant to free and forward momentum!

Your angels love you! This is your sign!


Jackie G, Divine Friend

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