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I accept my talents and gifts.

Dear Love Lights,

I've been guided lately to dive back into the fairy decks that I have in my deck collection. I believe that working with the earth elements helps to ground our energy and clear our energy.

Breaking this card sequence down:

  1. Ask your Divine Self to delete the astral energy blocks means that we can call on the Light Being parts of us to clear the energy blocks in our astral bodies. It also calls on us to let in the belief that clearing energy blockages is as easy as asking your soul, higher self, Divine Self, or ascended self to do the clearing for you. I look at it like this: the soul can clear it for us without having to involve us in it, usually during meditation time or sleep. If something more needs to happen on some physically conscious level then we will receive some kind of inspired action to do something. For example, if an energy block in me was being cleared out and the block was created by a belief that life has to be hard, then maybe my soul might guide me through inspired action to learn about how to enjoy my time. I might start running into joyful people so that I have real life examples of what it feels like to experience being around someone who is genuinely a joy to be around. As the old consciousness that created the block leaves, we may find ourselves directed to new sources of higher consciousness to absorb.

  2. In the second card, where we "cancel/clear/delete the part of me that believes I have no meaning unless I have a job and are doing something," we can see that the energy block is stemming from the collective belief that nothing is valuable unless it is making money in some way. The truth is we are valuable because we exist, and we have God given talents and gifts that we are meant to share with the world. it is these things that will create meaning, satisfaction, and more "happily ever after" moments.

  3. The fairy card, Happily Ever After, is a sign that by clearing this energy block we are shifting into a parallel reality where the outcome of what we are wanting to experience is more likely to happen.

When we put this all together the message is that clearing energy blockages in our auric field is as easy as invoking our Divine Self, our higher self, or our soul self, and stating the command that we want these energy blocks cleared out. We understand that on a deeper level this means that we want the lower consciousness that created the block to be removed and we want the higher consciousness of the Divine Mind to be filled in with something higher and closer to the Divine truth to believe in.

We also see that by remembering, and affirming, that we have designated soul gifts and God given talents that we were born to cultivate and share with the world, these are the things that will give our lives meaning. We choose to consciously release the collective conditioning that we are only as valuable as the kind of job that we have. By getting clear on that we shift to a parallel reality where we are able to draw to us experience that filled with happy results.

I hope that you enjoyed this little message.

Take Care,

Jackie G.

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