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Butterfly Symbol

I recently completed an online course about symbols and how to read them. This class helped me to appreciate the way one or two symbols on a card can give simple insight and help to keep from getting lost in the entire picture that is being presented.

Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma

Metamorphosis- Changing from one thing into another new thing.

We know that butterflies are symbols of extreme changes. They represent the process of a lifetime worth of changes, a life cycle, and the personal growth that happens when we evolve. Your inner changes may create outer changes too with extreme fashion make overs, getting tattoos, piercings, or dying your hair. This card can indicate that some kind of outer change needs to happen in order to help move forward into the next phase. Intuitive de-cluttering, re-organizing, new life style habits, and wanting to go to new places to soak up a new fresh vibe may also be something that begins to manifest. Butterfly truly represents the energy of freedom and change.

The circle that the butterfly is resting on looks like a chakra or microscope to me.

A chakra is a wheel of life force so this could mean that one's primal life force connections are shifting. Kids grow up and want to depend on themselves. Parents have to learn to refocus on their own needs again. Microscopes are symbols of looking at things super closely. All of a sudden you can see details that you hadn't noticed before. The Butterfly, Chakra, and Microscope symbols all together tell me that this is an inner and outer phase of transformation. Something has changed and maybe that's all that we can see right now. We don't know what the new beginning is and we don't know what has been finished, maybe some karmic debt has been cleared, we don't know.

Butterfly can represent inner mental peace.

With all the changes that are in the process of settling down all we really know is that too much mental speculation can drain us. Butterfly can mean that we need to be okay with not knowing what is actually happening. It may have to be enough to know that things are shifting and we have to be patient while that energy finds new forms and settles down. In the meantime we can work on choosing affirmations to use and treat ourselves gently. They also tend to be seen as good signs that our angels and departed loved ones are near us and helping us out from the other side. This spiritual comfort is meant to help us relax during the transition of our life cycles.

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