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Say the words out loud.

Mood: I am depressed. If you are depressed this card might help to shed some light on what direction to look towards.

Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel join forces in this card. My impression is that we know ourselves well enough to know why we are dealing with whatever is under the umbrella of depression. We also know that pulling ourselves up requires us to take our creative energy and do something with it. It's about creating a result. Or not being able to create a result. This is tied to life purpose as well so there is frustration over making a career out of why we bothered to be born in the first place. The depressed self says that we are wasting precious time with doing nothing and not being able to create something that would be of service to this world. Also there is depression tied to the experience that we aren't yet able to know how to create long term security and safety in our lives.

What's coming in loud and clear is that we have been getting multiple downloads all day and night about baby steps that we can take in order to channel the creative energy that is wanting to flow through. And yet many of us are still telling our angels that we are not receiving any guidance or ideas. We must affirm and choose to believe that we are receiving instant guidance and that we do know what to do. Because that is the higher truth.

So when AA Michael and AA Gabriel combine this means we are being infused with Divine Courage to face some bottled up emotions. Gabriel is telling us to take an action step in the realm of communication, meaning getting something off our chests. This is a card saying that a good easy way to clear the little energy block is to write it out, talk it out with some role playing or with someone who is able to listen and tell you what to feel and what to do. Writing and talking are ways to move the energy off your heart and mind. Sometimes we have to process what it is that we actually are feeling in order to move past it. That means taking the time to let the words come out. AA Michael is infusing us with courage so that we can face our raw selves.

If this triggers a cry then you know you broke through. We are love and loved.

Love for all,


Card from The Archangel Michael Sword Of Light Oracle Cards by Radleigh Valentine.

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