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Taurus: Symbol of the Day: Shopping

Shopping: Pay attention to what Energizes you.

As a subconscious symbol Shopping brings up what beliefs we are buying into.

It highlights time and energy as a form of energetic currency for the kinds of relationships, creative ventures, and beliefs that we want to spend on.

It also highlights, from a wounded healer perspective, how we can level up our consumer consciousness and spend on things that will appreciate in value, and healing our relationships with money and abundance in general.

Using myself as an example, about 2 months ago my mother and I entered into a crisis mode situation. Long story short I found myself really stressed out and anxious day after day and trying to (unsuccessfully) mask that from my kids. My mom's health took an unexpected turn for the worse and she was struggling with all kinds of mental health issues because of it. I was here to be a caregiver but when the crap hit the fan it turned out she didn't want me to be her caretaker. I realized that all I wanted was to be a relaxed calm peaceful person who was secure. However, my mom stresses me the hell out. I made the decision to take CBD gummies because I didn't know what else to do for chemical help with my fear chemicals. The product tends to come with 30 gummies in it and the store charged $55! I got it and it worked. I also bought some CBD coffee and that seemed to help too. I also bought a box of rose wine (don't judge me) and I decided that now was a good time to start having a glass of wine at night with dinner. I also started taking online spiritual courses from and paying up to $80 per course.

The whole 2 months was one of waking up, fighting with my mom (and we decided that I should move out), leaning on friends about what was going on, and diving into all the lightworker courses. I didn't indulge in retail therapy like I used to. I just stayed locked into Orin's teachings, CBD gummies, doing the spiritual work, and letting go of what I thought this whole situation with my mom should be like. 2 months later I am becoming more and more relaxed, I didn't mask my emotional pain with pointless spending like I used to do. I still spent money, and I have one account at like $6 right now, but I spent it on things that helped me to process my pain, to soothe my mind, and teach me better ways of being in tune with my self.

Lets Get Psychic:

You've been figuring out ways to own your power using knowledge that can help others to help yourself too. For example, being a life coach and then life coaching yourself. Trying to heal the past and balance your masculine and feminine energy. There's a conversation that happens, possibly when you are out shopping or on your way out the door. Someone from the past that you have made peace with. There's an unexpected "speaking from the heart" situation and love is expressed. This feels strongly from a past family friend or someone who use to know you back in the day. This is truly an "expect the unexpected" made manifest because the situation happens when you are on your way somewhere or in a store or driving in the car. The unexpected love shared- which could be as simple as "No hard feelings. It's all good. I wish you nothing but the best. I still love you and wish you the best." sets off a ripple effect of real self healing now.

What I'm seeing is that in your attempt to heal yourself the universe brings someone into your life for a moment who activates the love energy. It's ironic because you have been working on raising your personal power and the universe is like, "Stop trying to do this all alone. There's 6 billion people in this planet for a reason. Connect with the people that you miss. The ones you think have forgotten you."

Card pulled from Dream Oracle Cards by Kelly Sullivan Walden

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