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Tenderness means Give Yourself A Break.

I have a puppy 🐶 that requires me to be outside more. My morning routine shifted to eating meals outside so that she could have more outside time.

These cards are saying that there is acknowledgment from the universe that the situation or person giving you challenges is not something you can figure out how to fix right away. There‘s probably been ups and downs with this situation/person and while I can’t tell you all the reasons why you are in this chronic situation, what I can tell you is that your power point will come from learning how to self care, self soothe, self nurture, and even reparent yourself during the fluctuations of this power/control dynamic.

I can say that two of the lessons you are learning are how to recharge yourself with self care breaks. Instead of using down time to figure out how to change the situation you can use that time to rejuvenate yourself. A highly pampered person is usually too relaxed to engage in fighting or be around energy vampires for long.

The other lesson has to do with understanding power/control dynamics. Recognize when it’s just an ego trip, a pissing match, a 3D lose/lose situation then you’re called to hold your power from a 5D position of win/win, evolved self image, and using your imagination to visualize what you wish to see happen.

Blind obedience to one way of doing things or even one way of handling things isn’t what is needed right now. You don't always have to be the nice person getting taken advantage of and you don't always have to be the "good one" defending that you are good. Be obedient and loyal to your higher truth and moral code, not just to what you want. Sometimes we simply forgive yesterday’s mistakes and move on because forgiveness is the right thing to do.

Cards from Universal Cards Angelically Inspired by Juliet Jaffray Hubbs and Nora Monaco.

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