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What needs to heal?

The Star is giving us a sign that healing is coming through from the astral levels and it will have a soothing effect on something that had hurt us. This is a good sign.

For me, about two days ago I realized that I'm just never going to be the "Star" energy healer that I always thought I was born to be. I'm not going to be anything. And the weird thing is that this realization is helping me to let go of that vision and dream. What I mean is I will still make video readings for people and I will still post things on my YouTube channel but I know now that I'm never going to have the big numbers or views or anything like that.

It occurred to me that one of my purposes is to share my decks with the world. Because we all were born to share our gifts and talents. I'm supposed to share my decks, the ones that I've bought and the ones that I have created. I feel a sort of peace coming through my spirit now with this because now I know that I am not a failure for being able to reach more people with my lightworker skills. Now I know that all I am supposed to be doing is sharing the cards I have. I feel like the pressure to be something more then that has lifted off of me.

And maybe now my Higher Self will give me new directions about some other talent or gift that I am also supposed to be sharing but I wasn't aware of it because I was too focused on not being a failure with my YouTube channel and my Patreon page.

One of my other gifts is to be a caregiver to my special needs daughter. And to be a good parent to all my kids and pets. My dream is to be successful in something that I am meant to be doing though. Something that will provide financial stability too. So I am hoping that this Star card means that some new talent or gift is going to emerge and hopefully this time I will be destined to have success not failure.



This card is from the Ask Yourself Tarot.

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