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What quantum leap are we a shift away from?

Today we look at what we are a belief away from quantum shifting into. Pulling from The Quantum Oracle deck by Sandra Anne Taylor the Planning & Action card came out from the energy suit. This suit shows us what our intentions have been building up momentum wise. On a literal level it shows unexpectedly being pulled into some kind of "race" or trip. The kind of thing that you suddenly want to win. For me it was a school fundraiser. I decided that I wanted to be the one who gave the most donations, not because I deeply care about the school library and PTA, but because I wanted to be able to say that for once in my life I was that person who came through in a big way. This fundraiser was a way to put my new prosperity consciousness into action. It was a way to give big knowing that the return would be multiplied. It's the first time I have ever indulged in being the kind of charity donor that I have always wanted to be. I want to be the kind of person who leaves hundred dollar bills as tips, you know?

The compass, pencil, and castle are symbols of wanting to be shown the path to your outcome, of taking an idea or vision and bringing it into the physical world, and the desire for success, respect, and power. This card shows that when we become hyper-focused on the outcome rather than how to get there we will find that a path will unfold with clearly guided simple action steps to take.

We are a shift away from a quantum leap of accelerated inner and outer movement that is triggered by declaring what it is that we want and being crystal clear about why we want it. I personally told the Universe today that I wanted $3.5 million dollars because that would make up for every single traumatic, sad, depressed, unfair thing that I have had to deal with in my life up to this point. I know this is called bargaining. The bargaining process was so healing for me though because I was able to let my ego speak. There are so many spiritual paths that are against letting the ego speak. Why shouldn't my ego be allowed to have a voice too? Why should I always be only holding the intention that I only want to hear the voice of my Higher Self? Aren't all the parts worthy? Letting my ego speak and negotiate for happiness allowed me to tap back into all the feelings that "are low vibration."

What I came to realize was that there is a part of me that is so sad, unhappy, confused, and in a lot of pain over this game of life. I was able to take these sub-personalities and put them in the shower of solar light and Christ light. I know Divine Light will evolve these parts that have been living in darkness. I saw that all the money I was asking for was to help make things easier for my family. I held a belief that I could manifest millions of dollars and make things easier for us so that the kids won't have to be in the same sadness and fear that I had about life. I also realized that I could teach them how to deal with the inevitable sadness and fear that life triggers rather then thinking I could relieve them of these life lessons.

I also realized that I can begin to heal and clear all these sad "heartbreak" feelings now so that when the $3.5 million comes it can just be for the fun of it and not to be used as an emotional band-aid.

Card pulled from The Quantum Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor

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