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Which Chakra is most activated right now: The Crown for peace.

Hello Divine Lightworkers,

I was wondering how the Universe was going to insert what was happening in the world into these posts. The card message seems so obvious. This is a crown chakra card which means that the more 3D things seem the higher we need to be focused in the 5D. When I watch what is happening in Ukraine I visualize showers of solar light and Christ light drenching the region and all the people.

I think about how the rain poured down on all the cardboard boxes I had piled up on the side of the house and how easy it was the next morning to simply tear everything into small pieces and throw them away in the recycle bin. I hold the vision that the showers of Christ light and prayers are making this hard situation something that will become easy to dismantle and stop overnight.

I know that for the people in countries that are at war right now, for the groups of people who are in dire situations of oppression and injustice, and for the individual people everywhere who are dealing with their own personal challenges, maybe the gift that we lightworkers can give is the gift of our steady 5D focus and centered stability.

Card pulled from The Chakra Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman

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